Sermons from 2023

Immanuel – God With Us!

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

A Big Peace of the Puzzle

As we celebrate the Advent of Christ’s birth, something missing will be revealed. A crucial peace of God’s plan will be restored. Paul will remind us of what we have gained by the coming of Jesus and what he has accomplished for us.

The Tension of Hope

As the season of Advent begins, one of the words that we often focus on is Hope.If it was just wishful thinking it wouldn’t have much substance.But Hope has a long, well founded history in the Word of God.Hope plays a part in the entire plan of God including the Gospel message.

Problem Solved

Since all of us fall short of God’s will and are unable to provide our own solution for our sinful condition, what hope do we have?

A Stark Contrast

Does growing up in the “Faith” give you an advantage? Does it also give you a “free pass”? Listen to what Paul says to the people of God in the Jewish people from Romans 3:1-20.

False Veneer

Today’s service is a joint service between the congregations of Overisel and Bethel Christian Reformed Churches. We will be looking at the conclusion of Romans chapter 2:17-29 with Pastor Jon Bosma bringing the message. Both Pastors will be leading in the service today as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.

Called to One Standard

How are we to respond to God when we are aware of our sins? Is there one standard for those that have known Him for a long time and another for those that didn’t “grow-up” in the faith? Does God have different standards for different types of people? Tune in as Paul continues his message about the Gospel in Romans 2:1-16.