Sermons on Luke

Two Pictures of the Gospel

How do you describe the Gospel? What words would you use? What imagery comes to mind?Join us as we consider two aspects of the Gospel and how they tie together.

The Waiting Period

Now that Jesus has fulfilled his call to complete his Father’s will and pay for our sins by his death on the cross, and rose victorious from the grave, what are we waiting for? The resurrection of Jesus still leaves his disciples with more questions, and Jesus has the answers for them, and us.

Resurrection Rest

Today we celebrate what we have gained through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. What a triumphant day for those that are in Christ!

Your Will Be Done

Would your prayer life take you to the place that you would deny your own wishes,even your own well-being to carry out the Father’s will? Jesus will once again be theperfect role model for praying that the will of the Father is done instead of ours.

The Motivation of Prayer

Jesus gives us some encouraging motivation as he teaches about prayer.His words will help us grow in our Focused Prayer life.

Power Tools

Why are the Holy Spirit and Prayer so important for us in following Jesus? And why did Jesus need both?