Focused Prayer

Your Will Be Done

Would your prayer life take you to the place that you would deny your own wishes,even your own well-being to carry out the Father’s will? Jesus will once again be theperfect role model for praying that the will of the Father is done instead of ours.

In Jesus Name

What does it mean to pray “in Jesus name”? Is it just a tag line to end our prayers?Does adding to our prayer have some mystical power? Join us as we explorethe power of praying in Jesus Name.

The Motivation of Prayer

Jesus gives us some encouraging motivation as he teaches about prayer.His words will help us grow in our Focused Prayer life.

The Model of Prayer

One of the things Jesus’ disciples want to know is how to pray. Jesus will give a wonderful model of prayer…for us as well.

Praying in the Battle

Today we begin a series on “Focused Prayer”. After Paul talks about putting on the whole armor of God, he instructs the church to be in prayer for the war we wage against the enemy.