Sermons from February 2024

Setting a New Course

Where you and I have our minds focused will determine the the journey of our lives and the outcome of it as well. Paul describes two types of people and the two pathways that they walk in Romans 8:5-11. Both pathways are controlled by something/someone, but only one way leads to life and peace!

The Best NO to Know

The word “no” often means something negative. But Paul’s use of the word in Romans 8:1 is a powerful, positive use that we need to fully grasp!

The Battle Ground of the Soul

Is there a way to overcome the constant battle within us between good and evil? Will there be a victor that comes out on top? Paul has something to say about the matter in Romans 7:14-25. In fact it’s really Good News!

Isn’t the Law Good?

Paul said in Romans 6:14 that we “are not under law but under grace.” And now in Romans 7:4 that have “died to the law in the body of Christ,”.So what do we make of the law of God and what purpose does it have for us today? Join us as we look at the first half of Romans 7 as we continue to look at the Power of The Gospel.