Sermons by Pastor Ron

A Progressive Transformation

Do you believe in predestination? What does the Bible say about it? Paul gives us a good insight into how we should understand this often debated topic. in Romans 8:28-30

HIs Purpose, His Will

What would it be like to have the perfect advocate for all that you face in life?What if you could trust everything that advocate wanted for you?And, what if we knew that every trial of life was overseen by God to strengthen our faith?How would that change the way you responded to God, even in the uncertainties of life?

Good News to Believe in!

Christ is Risen! Sin and death have been defeated! We have been set free through the death and resurrection of Jesus our Savior! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!

A Meal to Remember

Tonight we are going to hear again the story of Jesus’ last night with his disciple before his crucifixion and death. It is a story filled with God’s grace and mercy that brings us peace with Him.

The Coming King

As Holy week begins Jesus receives the recognition for who he is: The coming King, the one who would fulfill the promise of David’s descendant who would rule and reign in God’s Kingdom. What role will you play in acknowledging Jesus the King of kings?

Eagerly Waiting in Hope

Our adoption into God’s family has us in a place of “already, but not yet fully.” Paul encourages us to wait in hope of what is to come. Even in our suffering there is a hope that outshines our circumstances!

Being Led by the Spirit

Imagine how powerful a story it would be if one who used to be a lifelong slave was now adopted into the family of a King!Paul says in Romans 8:12-17 that is exactly what happens to us when we come out from under the control of our flesh and are led by the Spirit.

Setting a New Course

Where you and I have our minds focused will determine the the journey of our lives and the outcome of it as well. Paul describes two types of people and the two pathways that they walk in Romans 8:5-11. Both pathways are controlled by something/someone, but only one way leads to life and peace!

The Best NO to Know

The word “no” often means something negative. But Paul’s use of the word in Romans 8:1 is a powerful, positive use that we need to fully grasp!

The Battle Ground of the Soul

Is there a way to overcome the constant battle within us between good and evil? Will there be a victor that comes out on top? Paul has something to say about the matter in Romans 7:14-25. In fact it’s really Good News!