The "In" Church

Praying in the Battle

Today we begin a series on “Focused Prayer”. After Paul talks about putting on the whole armor of God, he instructs the church to be in prayer for the war we wage against the enemy.

Not Your Ordinary Sword

This week we will discover the piece of armor that is meant to be used not only for defense, but as a weapon of offense.Do you know how to wield it? Join us this Sunday to explore The Sword of The Spirit!

Protection for the Mind

There are things that are critical for the follower of Jesus to know and understand.Paul instructs believers to put on a helmet to protect what we have been taught in Christ.

How Important is Faith?

In Paul’s description of the armor of God he tells us to take up the shield of faith.What is its purpose? When do we use it? And how effective is our faith in everyday life?

The Best Shoes

You’re going to need these shoes! “And as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.”

An Army Prepared

Paul gives a powerful call to spiritual battle as he brings his letter of Ephesians to a close. It’s time to armor up!
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