Sermons from April 2024

God’s Sovereign Choice

How does God’s plan of salvation work? How will he bring it about? Who participates in it, and how? People have wondered about these questions for a long time. Paul gives us some clear insights in Romans 9.

Secure and Victorious – Cased Closed!

How would you live your life if you knew that the outcome of your life was guaranteed and every obstacle you faced in life would result in victory? That’s the life the Apostle Paul is describing in Romans 8:31-39 and it’s not just wishful thinking, it’s a life that Jesus is offering you!

A Progressive Transformation

Do you believe in predestination? What does the Bible say about it? Paul gives us a good insight into how we should understand this often debated topic. in Romans 8:28-30

HIs Purpose, His Will

What would it be like to have the perfect advocate for all that you face in life?What if you could trust everything that advocate wanted for you?And, what if we knew that every trial of life was overseen by God to strengthen our faith?How would that change the way you responded to God, even in the uncertainties of life?